Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Unusual things I like to eat.

Nom nom nom, munches
The Grey Pearl

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And look at me now!

Good lighting (and a bath or three) makes all the difference, opines
The Grey Pearl

A rough start.

I know what you're thinking; how could I let them take a picture before I put my face on? I know, I know. But that darned shelter volunteer just WOULD not listen! Nevertheless, this awful photo served it's purpose; it got someone's attention and got me out of that terrible, scary place. Rumors of my plight reached far and wide, and a multi-state effort ensued that required the assistance of three different volunteers (one to pull me, one to transport me, and one to foster me) and the financial commitment of a rescue.

Southern Cross German Shepherd Rescue in Georgia made it all possible, though I must give a shout out to the French Bulldog Rescue Network's fantabulous volunteer, Karen, who pulled me, had me vetted, and let me relax on her soft bed in her warm, cozy house overnight. Sue, my transporter from Atlanta to Augusta, GA, was so gracious and generous giving up her Sunday to help me reach my *almost* final destination in Charleston, SC. And of course, my foster mom and dad deserve some credit as well, though they don't prepare dinner as quickly as I'd like.

Get a move on, grumps
The Grey Pearl

Allow myself to introduce...myself.

Well hello, dear readers. Greta, here. My nom de plume is the Grey Pearl. My name, if you haven't already guessed, means "pearl" in Greek. And, seeing as how I'm quite the mature canine, it's only fitting.

Aren't you thrilled that you happened upon my repository of prose, asks
The Grey Pearl